Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter"



Formed 1.5.39 in Düsseldorf from Stab/JG132.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Odendorf from I./JG132 with:

Stab I./JG26 from Stab I./JG132
1./JG26 from 1./JG132
2./JG26 from 2./JG132
3./JG26 from 3./JG132

On 21.9.43 increased to four staffeln:

1./JG26 unchanged
2./JG26 unchanged
3./JG26 unchanged
4./JG26 from 8./JG26

4./JG26 was disbanded 15.2.45.


* 1./JG26 at Clairmarais, 5.10 - 20.10.42

II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Bönninghardt from II./JG132 with:

Stab II./JG26 from Stab II./JG132
4./JG26 from 4./JG132
5./JG26 from 5./JG132
6./JG26 from 6./JG132

On 1.10.43 increased to 4 staffeln:

5./JG26 from the old 4./JG26
6./JG26 from the old 5./JG26
7./JG26 from the old 6./JG26
8./JG26 from the old 10./JG26

8./JG26 was disbanded 15.2.45.


III. Gruppe:


Formed 23.9.39 in Werl from parts of I. and II./JG26 with:

Stab III./JG26 new (1.11.39)
7./JG26 new
8./JG26 new
9./JG26 new (1.11.39)

In 1.10.43 increased to 4 staffeln (the old 8./JG26 had been renamed 4./JG26 on 21.9.43):

9./JG26 from the old 7./JG26
10./JG26 from the old 9./JG26

III./JG26 was disbanded on 25.3.45.


* 7./JG26 (Bf 109E) moved to North Africa on 7.2.41. Stationed at Gela (7.2.41 - 5.4.41), Grottaglie (5.4.41 - 8.4.41), Gela again (8.4.41 - 25.5.41), Molaoi (25.5.41 - 14.6.41) and Ain-el-Gazala (14.6.41 - 24.9.41). The staffel then returned to Liegescourt, joining the rest of III./JG26, and began conversion to Bf 109F; 8./JG26 at Dieppe (15.1.41 - 9.2.41)

** 7./JG26 operated under JG54 in Russia, 17.2.43 - 7.43. Left France 17.2.43 and arrived at Krasnowardeisk on 28.2.43. Remained there until it returned to III./JG26 in July 1943. While 7./JG26 was in Russia, 4./JG54 was attached to JG26; 9./JG26 at Beaumont-le-Roger, 27.11.42 - 1.43

*** 10. and 12./JG26 was in Valenciennes until about 11.43.

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 25.2.45 in Varrelbusch from III./JG54 with:

Stab IV./JG26 from Stab III./JG54
13./JG26 from 10./JG54
14./JG26 from 11./JG54
15./JG26 from 9./JG54

IV./JG26 was disbanded on 17.4.45.


10. Staffel:

10. (Nacht)/JG26 was formed 1.9.39 in Bonn-Hangelar, apparently from 11.(N)/LG2. 18.2.40 redesignated 11./JG2 (as part of IV.(N)/JG2).

10. (Jabo)/JG26 was formed 10.3.42 in St. Omer-Arques. On 17.2.43 redesignated 10. (Jabo)/JG54.

A new 10./JG26 was formed 1.5.43 in Vitry from parts of II./JG26. Attached to II./JG26, 1.10.43 redesignated 8./JG26, and officially became part of II. Gruppe.


* part of the staffel had used Caen-Carpiquet since 3.42.

11. Staffel:

Formed 8.8.42 at Norrent-Fontes, as Höhenstaffel. On 4.1.43 disbanded, and was absorbed by II./JG51.

A new 11./JG26 (Endausbildungsstaffel) was formed 10.12.42 in Monchy-Breton. Attached to III./JG26 and on 1.10.43 officially became part of III. Gruppe.


12. Staffel:

Formed 11.4.43 in Wewelghem from parts of III./JG26. Attached to III./JG26 and on 1.10.43 officially became part of III. Gruppe.

For bases, see III./JG26.



The Erg.Staffel/JG26 was formed 26.9.40 at Reims-Betheny, from parts of JG26 and Ergänzungs-Jagdgruppe Merseburg. On 5.3.41 increased to Erg.Gruppe with:

Stab of Ergänzungsgruppe/JG26 new
1. Einsatzstaffel/JG26 new
2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG26 from Erg.Sta./JG26

Disbanded 27.1.42:

1. Einsatzstaffel/JG26 became 11./JG1
2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG26 became 2./EJGr.West


* 1./ErgGr. JG26 at Düsseldorf (2.41 - 26.2.41), Vannes (26.2.41 - 5.3.41), Dieppe (5.3.41 - 6.41), Wevelghem (6.41 - 10.41), Maldeghem (10.41 - 12.41) and Brest-Süd (12.41 - 27.1.42)

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