Jagdgeschwader 1 "Oesau"



Formed 30.11.39 in Jever. Until 8.12.39 also known as Stab/JG Nordwest.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Jesau from I./JG130 with:

Stab I./JG1 from Stab I./JG130
1./JG1 from 1./JG130
2./JG1 from 2./JG130
3./JG1 from 3./JG130

On 5.7.40 redesignated III./JG27:

Stab I./JG1 became Stab III./JG27
1./JG1 became 7./JG27
2./JG1 became 8./JG27
3./JG1 became 9./JG27


* 1./JG1 at Schippenbeil, 15.8.39 - 4.9.39; 3./JG1 at Arys-Rostken, 15.8.39 - 5.9.39

1./JG1 was reformed 7.12.40 in Vlissingen from Jasta Holland. 3./JG1 was formed 1.3.42 in De Kooy from parts of Erg.Gruppe/JG52. 2./JG1 was formed 5.7.41 in Katwijk from Jasta Münster-Loddenheide, and finally Stab I./JG1 was formed 1.9.41 in Katwijk from parts of Führer der Jagdkräfte. On 4.11.42 3./JG1 was ordered to Sicily and later Africa, and was later (30.11.42) renamed 6./JG51. A new 3./JG1 was formed at Wangerooge on the same date.

On 1.4.43 I./JG1 was redesignated II./JG11:

Stab I./JG1 became Stab II./JG11
1./JG1 became 4./JG11
2./JG1 became 5./JG11
3./JG1 became 6./JG11

Reformed 1.4.43 in Deelen from IV./JG1 with:

Stab I./JG1 from Stab IV./JG1
1./JG1 from 10./JG1
2./JG1 from 11./JG1
3./JG1 from 12./JG1

On 15.8.44 the Gruppe was increased to 4 staffeln:

1./JG1 unchanged
2./JG1 unchanged
3./JG1 unchanged
4./JG1 from 9./JG77

4./JG1 was disbanded 14.4.45. On 30.4.45 I. and II./JG1 was united at Leck as I. (Einsatz)/JG1.


* 1./JG1 was based at Vlissingen (7.12.40 - 27.12.40), Bergen (27.12.40 - 21.1.41), Katwijk (21.1. - 26.4.41), Vlissingen (26.4. - 3.6.41), Katwijk (3.6. - 12.7.41), Husum (12.7. - 4.9.41), Wangerooge (14.9.41 - 2.42) and Borkum (2.42 - 1.4.43); 2./JG1 was based at Düsseldorf (5.7. - 11.7.41), Katwijk (11.7. - 3.9.41), Jever (3.9.41 - 1.4.43); 3./JG1 was beased at De Kooi (1.3.41 - 8.41), Husum (8.41 - 9.41), Jever (9.41 - 2.42) and Wangerooge (2.42 - 1.4.43); 3./JG1 was ordered to Africa 4.11.42, left Wangerooge 6.11.42 for München-Riem, via Mönchengladbach and Mannheim-Sandhofen. Arrived in Tunis 25.11.42, via Vicenza, Foggia, Bari and Comiso. From 26.11.42 attached to II./JG51 and 30.11.42 renamed 6./JG51.

** the main part of I./JG1 moved to Köln-Ostheim, to collect new aircraft, while a small combat detachment went to Semallé. I./JG1 was united again on 26.7.44 in Lonrai.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 15.1.42 at Katwijk (5./JG1 in Vlissingen) from I./JG3:

Stab II./JG1 from Stab I./JG3
4./JG1 from 1./JG3
5./JG1 from 2./JG3
6./JG1 from 3./JG3

Shared its aircraft with II./JG300 between 7.43 and 12.43. On 15.8.44 the Gruppe was increased to 4 staffeln:

5./JG1 unchanged
6./JG1 unchanged
7./JG1 from old 4./JG1
8./JG1 from 7./JG51

8./JG1 was disbanded 8.4.45, and on 1.5.45 7./JG1 was redesignated 4./JG1, and the Gruppe now had:


On 30.4.45 I. and II./JG1 was united at Leck as I. (Einsatz)/JG1.


* 5./JG1 was based in Vlissingen, and 4./JG1 would move to Leeuwarden in 1.42. Both joined the rest of II./JG1, when it moved to Haamstede.

** 4./JG1 moved to Uetersen on 14.2.42, and remained there until 25.2.42.

*** 4./JG1 detached to Leeuwarden, 25.2.42 - 8.5.42, and 6./JG1 detached to Haamstede, 25.2.42 - 8.5.42

**** 5./JG1 remained at Katwijk, when the II. Gruppe moved to Woensdrecht, and on 20.7.42 moved to Amsterdam-Schiphol. In about 12.42 5./JG1 moved back to Woensdrecht and 4./JG1 was detached to Amsterdam-Schiphol instead.

***** 6./JG1 was stationed at Leeuwarden between 25.3.43 and 17.4.43.

****** only a small part of moved to Lonrai, the rest of the Gruppe moved to Köln-Ostheim, to collect new aircraft.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 1.42 in Husum (ordered 6.1.42) with:

Stab III./JG1 from Stab of Ergänzungsgruppe/JG52
7./JG1 from Einsatz-Schwärme/JFS Gleiwitz, Breslau and Königsberg
8./JG1 from Einsatzstaffel/JG27
9./JG1 from Einsatzstaffel/JG52

On 1.4.43 III./JG1 was redesignated I./JG11:

Stab III./JG1 became Stab I./JG11
7./JG1 became 1./JG11
8./JG1 became 2./JG11
9./JG1 became 3./JG11

Reformed 1.4.43 in Deelen with:

Stab III./JG1 new
7./JG1 new
8./JG1 new
9./JG1 new

On 15.8.44 the Gruppe was reorganised and now had:

9./JG1 unchanged
10./JG1 from old 7./JG1
11./JG1 from old 8./JG1

On 11.9.44 12./JG1 was formed from 1./KG2, and the Gruppe now had 4 staffeln. 12./JG1 was disbanded 4.45.


* detachment remained at Husum 2.42 - 3.43

** Eelde was also used.

*** part of the Gruppe arrived in Wunstorf on 14.6.44.

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 1.42 in Vannes (ordered 6.1.42) with:

Stab IV./JG1 from Stab of Ergänzungsgruppe/JG53
10./JG1 from Einsatzstaffel/JG2
11./JG1 from Einsatzstaffel/JG26
12./JG1 from Einsatzstaffel/JG51

On 21.3.42 IV./JG1 was redesignated III./JG5:

Stab IV./JG1 became Stab III./JG5
10./JG1 became 1./JG5
11./JG1 became 8./JG5

12./JG1 was to have become 9./JG5, but continued to operate, and became 10./JG5 on 26.6.42.

Reformed 21.3.42 in Werneuchen with:

Stab IV./JG1 from parts of the old IV./JG1
10./JG1 from from Einsatzstaffel/Jagdfliegerschule 1
11./JG1 from from Einsatzstaffel/Jagdfliegerschule 4
12./JG1 from from parts of the old IV./JG1

On 1.4.43 IV./JG1 was redesignated I./JG1:

Stab IV./JG1 became Stab I./JG1
10./JG1 became 1./JG1
11./JG1 became 2./JG1
12./JG1 became 3./JG1


* 12./JG1 remained at Trondheim-Lade until 26.6.42

** 11./JG1 at Düsseldorf, 27.4.42 - 11.5.42; 12./JG1 remained at Döberitz until 7.6.42, when it moved to Mönchen-Gladbach.

*** 10./JG1 remained at Bergen-op-Zoom until 22.7.42, then Amsterdam-Schiphol (22.7.42 - 25.7.42) and Deelen (25.7.42 - 31.3.43)

11. Staffel:


Formed 11.43 at Rheine as a Höhenstaffel with Bf 109G-5 fighters. Disbanded 4.1.44.


20. Staffel:


Formed 1.3.44 in Wittmund. On 26.4.44 redesignated 1./JG400.


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