Luftnachrichten-Regiment 2


Formed 1.7.38 in Braunschweig with:

Reorganised in 1.4.39, now with (planned, not all were formed before the mobilization):

On 10.3.40:

Stab I./Ln.Rgt.2 became Stab I./Ln.Rgt.12; reformed
Stab II./Ln.Rgt.2 became Stab II./Ln.Rgt.12
1./Ln.Rgt.2 became 1./Ln.Abt.34; reformed from 2./Ln.Rgt.2
5./Ln.Rgt.2 became 2./Ln.Rgt.14
6./Ln.Rgt.2 became 1./Ln.Rgt.12
7./Ln.Rgt.2 became 4./Ln.Rgt.12
8./Ln.Rgt.2 became 5./Ln.Rgt.12
11./Ln.Rgt.2 became 13./Ln.Rgt.2; reformed
12./Ln.Rgt.2 became 3./Ln.Abt.31; reformed from 13./Ln.Rgt.2
13./Ln.Rgt.2 became 12./Ln.Rgt.2; reformed from 11./Ln.Rgt.2
16./Ln.Rgt.2 became Luftnachrichten-Betriebs-Kompanie/9. Flieger-Division

Horch-Betriebs-Stelle W21/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 2 was formed in late 1940.

Several changes took place in 4.41:

2./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded
5./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed
9./Ln.Rgt.2 became 9./Ln.Rgt.40; reformed
12./Ln.Rgt.2 became 11./Ln.Rgt.1
13./Ln.Rgt.13 was disbanded
14./Ln.Rgt.14 was reformed
Horch-Betriebs-Stelle W12/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 2 was formed
Horch-Betriebs-Stelle W22/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 2 was formed
Geräte-Kolonne II./Ln.Rgt.2 became Geräte-Kol. II/Ln.Rgt.12
Geräte-Kolonne IV./Ln.Rgt.2 became Geräte-Kol./Ln.Rgt.2

In late 1941 2./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed, while 15./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded, and 5./Ln.Rgt.2 became 9./Ln.Rgt.110.

In mid-1942:

2./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed from 3./Ln.Rgt.2
3./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed (see above)
6./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed

In late 1942:

Horch-Betriebs-Stelle W12/Ln.Rgt.2 became 5./Ln.Funkhorch-Regiment West
Horch-Betriebs-Stelle W21/Ln.Rgt.2 became 2./Ln.Funkhorch-Abteilung Ost
Horch-Betriebs-Stelle W22/Ln.Rgt.2 became 15./Ln.Rgt.2
Horch-Leitstelle/Ln.Rgt.2 became 14./Ln.Rgt.2

5./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed in mid-1943 from 6./Ln.Rgt.120, while 9./Ln.Rgt.2 became 4./Ln.Funkhorch-Regiment West and 14./Ln.Rgt.2 became 17./Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 8.

Organisation 1.7.43:

9./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed in 10.43 from 9./Ln.Rgt. Afrika.

13./Ln.Rgt.2 was reformed in 7.44 from 8./Ln.Rgt.32; Ger.Kol./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded in 5.44; 6./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded in 8.44.

Several changes took place in late 44:

Stab I./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded
Stab II./Ln.Rgt.2 became Stab I./Ln.Rgt.352
Stab IV./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded
2./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded
4./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded
5./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded
9./Ln.Rgt.2 became 1./Ln.Rgt.352
10./Ln.Rgt.2 became 2./Ln.Rgt.352
11./Ln.Rgt.2 was disbanded
13./Ln.Rgt.2 became 13./Ln.Rgt.3
15./Ln.Rgt.2 became 5./Ln.Rgt.351

Organisation 1.2.45:

A V.(Ersatz)/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 2 existed in Braunschweig-Querum 1941 - 1942 (later to France as part of Luftnachrichten-Regiment 302).


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