Jagdgeschwader 5 "Eismeer"



Formed 5.42 in Petsamo. From 25.3.45 the Stab also functioned as Jafü. Norwegen.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 20.1.42 in Stavanger from I./JG77 (JGr. Stavanger) with:

Stab I./JG5 from Stab I./JG77 at Stavanger
1./JG5 from 1./JG77 at Kjevik
2./JG5 from 2./JG77 at Lister
3./JG5 from 3./JG77 at Herdla

On 16.3.42 1./JG5 was redesignated 6./JG5, and was reformed from 10./JG1 on 21.3.42.

In 8.44 increased to 4 staffeln:

1./JG5 unchanged
2./JG5 unchanged
3./JG5 unchanged
4./JG5 from 4./JGr.Ost

On 14.10.44 redesignated III./JG6:

Stab I./JG5 became Stab III./JG6
1./JG5 became 9./JG6
2./JG5 became 10./JG6
3./JG5 became 11./JG6
4./JG5 became 12./JG6


* 1./JG5 at Kjevik (20.1.42 - 2.42), Stavanger (2.42 - 3.42) and Herdla (3.42 - 8.43); 2./JG5 at Lister (20.1.42 - 8.43) and 3./JG5 at Herdla (20.1.42 - 8.43). Schwärme was also stationed at Trondheim, Kristiansand, Mandal and Oerlandet at various times.

** 2./JG5 remained in Lister until 30.10.43.

*** part of 2./JG5 remained at Sofia-Wrazdebna until late 4.44 (as Ausbildungsstaffel für Bulgaren)

**** Chauny and Manancourt was also used.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 25.1.42 in Petsamo from Jagdgruppe z.b.V. with:

Stab II./JG5 from Stab/Jagdgruppe z.b.V.
4./JG5 from 4./JG77 in Alakurtti
5./JG5 from 14./JG77 in Petsamo

In 3.42 6./JG5 was formed from from 1./JG5 in Stavanger (later Alakurtti).

8.44 increased to 4 staffeln:

5./JG5 unchanged
6./JG5 unchanged
7./JG5 from the old 4./JG5
8./JG5 from 9./JG5

In 10.44 II./JG5 was redesignated IV./JG4:

Stab II./JG5 became Stab IV./JG4
5./JG5 became 13./JG4
6./JG5 became 14./JG4
7./JG5 became 15./JG4
8./JG5 became 16./JG4

Reformed 2.45 in Herdla from parts of IV./ZG26 with:

Stab II./JG5 from Stab IV./ZG26
5./JG5 from 9./JG5
6./JG5 from 12./JG5
7./JG5 from 10./ZG26


* 5./JG5 remained at Petsamo until early 1943. The other staffeln were also stationed at Petsamo, from time to time.

** parts of the Gruppe were also stationed at Idriza, Dno and Dorpat

*** 5./JG5 was stationed at Petsamo, and 6./JG5 at Salmijärvi

**** 9./JG5 was attached to the Gruppe from early 6.44.

***** 6./JG5 at Rygge and 7./JG5 at Stavanger-Sola

III. Gruppe:


Formed 10.3.42 in Trondheim from IV./JG1 with:

Stab III./JG5 from Stab IV./JG1
7./JG5 from 1.Einsatzstaffel/JG3 in Stavanger-Forus (1.42)
8./JG5 from 11./JG1 in Trondheim
9./JG5 from 12./JG1 in Trondheim

In 7.42 9./JG5 became 10./JG5 and was transferred to IV./JG5, while a new 9./JG5 was formed from parts of 7. and 8./JG5.

In 8.44 increased to 4 staffeln (most of the old 9./JG5 had moved to Germany, and would become the new 8./JG5):

9./JG5 from the rest of the old 9./JG5
10./JG5 from the old 7./JG5
11./JG5 from the old 8./JG5
12./JG5 new

In 2.45 9/JG5 became 5./JG5, 12./JG5 became 7./JG5, and a new 9./JG5 was formed from 13./JG5. III./JG5 now had:



* 7./JG5 moved to Bodö 1.42, and joined the rest of III./JG5 in 4.42.

** Part of III./JG5 also used Kirkenes during this period.

*** Gruppenstab and 11./JG5 at Alta, with 9., 10. and 12./JG5 at Bardufoss.

**** 9./JG5 and 12./JG5 was based at Herdla

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 26.6.42 in Trondheim-Lade from parts of JGr. Drontheim with:

Stab IV./JG5 from Stab/JGr. Drontheim
10./JG5 from 12./JG1
11./JG5 from Einsatzstaffel/JGr. Drontheim
12./JG5 from parts of JFS3

The unit was reorganised 8.44:

13./JG5 from the old 10./JG5
14./JG5 from the old 11./JG5
15./JG5 from the old 12./JG5

16./JG5 was formed 11.44 in in Stavanger.

In 2.45 13./JG5 became 9./JG5 and was transferred to III./JG5, and a new 13./JG5 was formed from the old 16./JG5. IV./JG5 now had:



* 10./JG5 at Trondheim-Lade (6.42 - 2.44); 11./JG5 at Alta (26.6.42 - 6.7.52), Elvenes (6.7.42 - 27.7.42), Bodö (27.7.42 - 9.42) and Trondheim-Lade (9.42 - 2.44); 12./JG5 at Aalborg (26.6.42 - 8.42), Oerlandet (8.42 - 12.42) and Bodö (12.42 - ?); In 6.43 11./JG5 was based at Stavanger and 11./JG5 at Herdla. In 10.43 10./JG5 moved to Gossen and 11./JG5 to Herdla

** only Gruppenstab and 12./JG5 moved to Stavanger

*** parts were also stationed at Petsamo, Nautsi, Berlevaag, Kaamanen and Bardufoss

**** 13. and 15./JG5 at Lister and 14./JG5 at Kjevik

***** 13. and 15./JG5 still at Lister.

13. (Z)/JG5:


Formed 25.1.42 in Kirkenes as 6.(Z)/JG5 from 1. (Z)/JG77. On 16.3.42 renamed 10.(Z)/JG5, and on 26.6.42 renamed 13.(Z)/JG5.

On 18.7.44 redesignated 10./ZG26.


* Stationed in Stavanger for a few days in 9.43.

14. (Jabo)/JG5:


Formed 2.43 in Petsamo from parts of 11./JG5. On 7.2.44 redesignated 4./SG5.


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