Jagdgeschwader 11



Formed 1.4.43 in Jever.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.4.43 in Husum from III./JG1 with:

Stab I./JG11 from Stab III./JG1
1./JG11 from 7./JG1
2./JG11 from 8./JG1
3./JG11 from 9./JG1

On 1.8.43 1./JG11 and 10./JG11 exchanged designations.

On 17.8.44 increased to 4 staffeln:

1./JG11 unchanged
2./JG11 unchanged
3./JG11 unchanged
4./JG11 from 10. and 11./JG11

4./JG11 was disbanded in 3.45.


* 1./JG11 was divided between Aalborg-West (Denmark) and Lister (Norway), until 1.8.43 when it was redesignated 10./JG11. The old 10./JG11 in Husum became the new 1./JG11, so that the Gruppe now had all its staffeln in Husum.

** due to a heavy raid on Rotenburg airfield, 1./JG11 was relocated to Salzwedel and 2./JG11 to Lüneburg on 30.4.44. Both remained there until 6.6.44.

*** most of I./JG11 went to Köln-Ostheim to collect new aircraft, but 1./JG11 moved to Lonrai, and became subordinated to I./JG1. 1./JG11 returned to Beille and I./JG11 on 1.7.44.

**** part of the Gruppe (a sonderstaffel) operated in the Central Berlin area, apparently operating from a street in the inner city

II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.4.43 in Jever from I./JG1 with:

Stab II./JG11 from Stab I./JG1
4./JG11 from 1./JG1
5./JG11 from 2./JG1
6./JG11 from 3./JG1

On 11.8.44 increased to 4 staffeln:

5./JG11 unchanged
6./JG11 unchanged
7./JG11 new
8./JG11 from the old 4./JG11

7./JG11 was disbanded 3.45, and 8./JG11 was redesignated 7./JG11. II./JG11 now had 3 staffeln:


The Gruppe was disbanded 3.4.45.


* initially divided between Borkum (4./JG11), Jever (Stab II. and 5./JG11) and Wangerooge (6./JG11), but all were united at Jever during April 1943.

** II./JG11 might have been subordinated to 1. Jagddivision in April 1945.

III. Gruppe:


Formed mid 5.43 in Neumünster from parts of I. and II./JG11 with:

Stab III./JG11 new
7./JG11 new
8./JG11 new
9./JG11 new

Formation was completed in late 6.43 and the unit moved to Oldenburg. In 8.44 increased to 4 staffeln:

9./JG11 unchanged
10./JG11 from the old 7./JG11
11./JG11 from the old 8./JG11
12./JG11 from 2./JG52

In 3.45 12./JG11 was disbanded.


10. staffel:


Ordered formed 7.7.43 at Husum. On 1.8.43 10./JG11 and 1./JG11 exchanged designations. 17.8.44 united with 11./JG11 and renamed 4./JG11.

10./JG11 and 11./JG11 was known as Kommando Skagerrak between 7.12.43 and 6.44.


11. staffel:


Formed 7.12.43 in Lister from Jagdstaffel Helgoland. 17.8.44 united with 10./JG11 and renamed 4./JG11.

11./JG11 and 10./JG11 was known as Kommando Skagerrak between 7.12.43 and 6.44.


* detachment was stationed at Kjevik.

Alarmstaffel Aalborg:


Formed 13.5.44 in Aalborg-West from parts of 10. and 11./JG11, for nightfighting duties, using Fw 190A. Disbanded in late 6.44.

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