Red Banner Western Border District

Краснознаменный Западный Пограничный Округ

Military Unit: 0000


Activated 5.3.63 in Kiev, Kiev Oblast, when the border troops in Belarus and Ukraine was united.

Organisation 1963:

7.2.67 the 34th independent Border Guard Ship Battalion was renamed 5th independent Border Guard Ship Brigade.

27.5.68 awarded the Red Banner.

Organisation 1970:

11.10.76 the ship detachment in Odessa, Odessa Oblast, was renamed 18th independent Border Guard Ship Brigade.

Organisation 1980:

24.4.84 the Regional Military Hospital PV KGB SSSR in Kiev was opened.

In 1985 the 6th Interdistrict NCO School was renamed 15th Training Detachment.

In 1986 the 24th independent aviation squadron was activated in Odessa, Odessa Oblast.

Organisation 1990:

In late 1990 the School of Ensigns PV KGB SSSR was activated in Drogobych, Lvov Oblast.

The 105th independent Red Banner Rizhskiy Border Guard Detachment (military unit: 70803 - before 1989 MVD regiment) arrived in Drogobuch, Lvov Oblast, in 1991 - the unit had been stationed in Berlin-Karlhorst, Germany since 1963 (1954 to 1963 at Berlin-Weissensee - Berlinerallé) - tasked with protecting the Soviet Embassy, KGB buildings and special objects, including the uranium mines at Schneeberg - new military number: 2253 - taken over by Ukraine 1.92, and moved to Chernigov 3.93.

In 1992 most attached units were taken over by Ukraine.

Officially disbanded 6.92 - the units in Belarus served under the joint Belarus/Russian Operations Operations Group of Border Forces Russia in the Republic Belarus, between 21.2.95 and 26.9.95.