Red Banner North-Western Border District

Краснознаменный Северо-Западный Пограничный Округ

Military Unit: 2438


Activated 13.3.63 in Leningrad, Leningrad Oblast, when the Northern Border District and the Leningrad Border District were united.

Organisation 1963:

23.3.65 the 95th Pravdinskiy order of Lenin Border Guard Detachment inherited the awards from the disbanded 24th Border Guard Detachment.

7.2.67 the independent Border Guard Ship Battalions were upgraded to independent Border Guards Ship Brigades:

27.5.68 the North-Western Border District was awarded the Red Banner.

Organisation 1970:

23.10.75 all units in the Kaliningrad Oblast and the Baltic States were detached to the new Baltic Border District.

In 1977 the 15th independent Aviation Squadron was renamed 14th independent Aviation Regiment.

2.10.78 the 5th Sosnovoborgskiy Border Guard Detachment was activated in Sosnovyy Bor, Leningrad Oblast.

In 1980 the 11th Interdistrict Engineering and Construction NCO School was renamed 14th Training Detachment.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1990:

From 23.8.94 the northern part of the border district came under the new Arctic Group of Border Forces.

8.12.97 renamed North Western Federal Border Service RF.