Luftnachrichten-Regiment ObdL



Formed 1.4.39 in Potsdam-Eiche from Stab/Luftnachrichten-Abteilung ObdL.

On 10.3.40 renamed Stab/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 10. Reformed 10.3.40 in Potsdam-Eiche.

Nachrichten-Flieger-Staffel/Luftnachrichten-Regiment ObdL formed 4.39 in Potsdam, from 4.41 Flieger-Kompanie/Luftnachrichten-Regiment ObdL; mainly based in Berlin; 11.42 reported at Kalamaki; 1944 in Köthen(?); 10.44 renamed Flieger-Kompanie/Luftnachrichten-Regiment Reich.

I. Abteilung:

Formed 1.4.39 in Potsdam-Eiche. 1.45 in Wiesbaden.

II. Abteilung:

Formed 1.4.39 in Potsdam-Eiche. On 10.3.40 renamed Stab II./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 10.

Reformed 4.41 in Potsdam-Eiche. In 10.42 renamed Stab/Luftnachrichten-Flugmelde-Funk-Abteilung zbV 2.

Reformed 4.43 in Potsdam-Eiche from Stab IV./Luftnachrichten-Regiment ObdL.

III. Abteilung:

Formed 1.4.39 in Potsdam-Wildpark.

In 10.44 renamed Stab/Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 350.

IV. Abteilung:

Formed 3.40 in Potsdam-Eiche from Leiter der Flugsicherung Nord. In 4.41 renamed Stab I./Luftnachrichten-Flugsicherungs-Regiment zbV 1.

Reformed 10.41 in Potsdam-Eiche from Stab/Funk-Horch-Abteilung zbV 1. In 4.43 renamed II./Luftnachrichten-Regiment ObdL.

Reformed 4.44 in Potsdam-Eiche from Stab II./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 120.

V. Abteilung:

Formed 7.40 in Berlin-Kladow.

VI. Abteilung

Formed 10.40 in Bielefeld as a Eisenbahn-Kabel-Bau-Abteilung.

Abteilung and Kompanie relationsships are not always certain, and would in any event, change several times during the war.

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