Luftwaffen-Division Meindl


Formed 26.2.42 in Heeresgruppe Nord (Northern Russia) from Stab/Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment 1. This division constituted the first attempt, to use excess air force ground personnel, in support of the army in Russia. The division consisted of the following units:

The division never fought together as a single unit, and is not mentioned in the "Schematische Kriegsgliederung". All regiments were used independently under the 16th Army, supporting security units in the rear-areas of the II., X. and XXXIX.AK, except I./Luftwaffen-Feld Regiment 4, which operated under the 18th Army.

December 1942 disbanded (the Stab became Stab/XIII. Fliegerkorps), and used to form:

Replacement troops were provided by

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