Luftgau-Kommando III

Kommandierender General:

Chef des Stabes:

Formed 4.2.38 in Berlin from Luftgau-Kommando IV.

On 3.10.39 part of the Stab was used to form I. Flakkorps.

Known as Luftgau-Kommando III/IV 12.41 - 2.43.

Zweigstellen in Posen (1942) and Dresden (1943/44).

Territory covered:


Subordinated units:

On 19.12.44 it had been planned that Flughafenbereichs-Kommando 5/III, 7/III and 11/VI, were to be transferred to Luftgau-Kommando XVI, and that 6/XI was to have been added from Luftgau-Kommando XI. This plan was cancelled 24.1.45. Instead the Befehlsstelle Dresden des Luftgau-Kommando III was formed on 14.2.45, and took control of Flughafenbereichs-Kommando 5/III, 7/III and 26/III.

Subordinated to:

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