9. Flak-Division



Formed 1.9.41 in Caen from Luftverteidigungskommando 9 with:

In January 1942 moved to Southern Russia, and was responsible for the entire Heeresgruppe Süd area until 5.42 (with Stab/Flak-Regiments 37, 42, 91 and 104), when the division became attached to 6th Armee.

Organisation 12.42 (HQ Stalingrad):

Most of the division was destroyed in Stalingrad, but part of the HQ was flown out, and the division was reformed 7.2.43 in the Crimea from the remnants, and now controlled:

Organisation 1.11.43:

Remained in the Crimea until 4.44 when most of the division again was destroyed.

Reformed 5.44 - 8.44 in the Breslau area with:

Saw action 3.9.44 in the Saarbrücken area, supporting the 1st Armee (Organisation 1.10.44):

Stab/Flak-Regiment 45 (mot.) and Stab/Flak-Regiment 86 (v) joined the division in 10.44.

1.2.45 at Wörsbach and 26.3.45 in Gemersheim. Ended the war in Bayern.

Strength 42-45:

Subordinated to:

* heavy

** also some Army batteries: 4 heavy and 2 light/medium.

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