27. Flak-Division



Formed 9.44 in Königsberg(?) from Stab/11. Flak-Brigade with:

Stab/Flak-Regiment 6 (mot.) and Stab/Flakscheinwerfer-Regiment 171 (v) joined the division in 10.44, while Stab/Flak-Regiment 110 (o) became Stab/16. Flak-Brigade (o) and left the division.

10.44 to Lötzen, 12.44 to Liebenfelde (supporting the 3rd Panzer-Armee).

Reorganised in 11.44, now with (1.12.44):

On 21.1.45 left East Prussia, and moved into the Reich.

Organisation 2.45 (supporting the Oderkorps):

1.3.45 at Geiglitz under II. Flakkorps. Organisation 4.45 (HQ Pasewalk):

Saw heavy losses, and finally surrendered to British forces at Plate, near Schwerin.

Subordinated to II. Flakkorps.

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