Zerstörergeschwader 76

Bf 110 of ZG76 (1944)



Formed 15.4.40 at Köln-Wahn. On 1.8.41 became Stab/Jagdfliegerführer Norwegen, but Grabmann had already functioned as Jafü Norwegen from 6.41.

Reformed 8.43 at Ansbach. On 24.7.44 renamed Stab/JG76.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Olmütz from II./ZG141 with:

Stab I./ZG76 from Stab II./ZG141
1./ZG76 from 4./ZG141
2./ZG76 from 5./ZG141
3./ZG76 from 6./ZG141

On 7.9.40 redesignated II./NJG1:

Stab I./ZG76 became Stab II./NJG1
1./ZG76 became 3./NJG1
2./ZG76 became 5./NJG1
3./ZG76 became 6./NJG1

Reformed 8.43 at Ansbach with:

Stab I./ZG76 new
1./ZG76 from 1./NAGr.16
2./ZG76 from 3./NAGr.12
3./ZG76 from Stabsstaffel/St.G.1

In July 1944 became I./JG76:

Stab I./ZG76 became Stab I./JG76
1./ZG76 became 1./JG76
2./ZG76 became 2./JG76
3./ZG76 became 3./JG76


* 1./ZG76 at Oslo-Fornebu 9.4.40 - 11.4.40, 2./ZG76 at Aalborg-West 6.5.40 - 16.5.40.

** 3./ZG76 at Graz in 11.43. Detachments at Oettingen, 24.2.44 - 18.3.44 and 27.3.44 - 25.4.44; at Leipheim, 21.3 - 24.3.44

II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 at Gablingen from I./ZG144 with:

Stab II./ZG76 from Stab I./ZG144
4./ZG76 from 1./ZG144
5./ZG76 from 2./ZG144
6./ZG76 from 3./ZG144

Known as Jagdgruppe 176 between 9.9.39 and 3.2.40. On 1.11.41 redesignated III./NJG3:

Stab II./ZG76 became Stab III./NJG3
4./ZG76 became 7./NJG3
5./ZG76 became 8./NJG3
6./ZG76 became 9./NJG3

Reformed 8.43 at Wertheim from various staffeln with:

Stab II./ZG76 new
4./ZG76 from 3./NAGr.4
5./ZG76 from 3./Aufkl.Gr.11
6./ZG76 from 3./NAGr.6

On 7.2.45 redesignated III./JG54:

Stab II./ZG76 became Stab III./JG54
4./ZG76 became 9./JG54
5./ZG76 became 10./JG54
6./ZG76 became 11./JG54


* Le Mans was used as a forward base.

** parts of 4./ZG76 operated from Mosul (Iraq) 5.41 - 6.41

*** 5./ZG76 at De Kooy 9.7.41 - 25.10.41, and then moved to Leeuwarden.

**** detachments at Leipheim, 24.2.44 - 24.3.44; at Hildesheim, 14.2.44 - 21.3.44; at Oettingen, 27.3.44 - 25.4.44; at Mamaia, 11.5. - 13.5.44.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 26.6.40 in Trier-Euren from II./ZG1 with:

Stab III./ZG76 from Stab II./ZG1
7./ZG76 from 4./ZG1
8./ZG76 from 5./ZG1
9./ZG76 from 6./ZG1

On 24.4.41 redesignated II./SKG210:

Stab III./ZG76 became Stab II./SKG210
7./ZG76 became 4./SKG210
8./ZG76 became 5./SKG210
9./ZG76 became 6./SKG210

Reformed 11.43 at Öttingen with:

Stab III./ZG76 new
7./ZG76 from 10./ZG26
8./ZG76 new
9./ZG76 new

Formation was never completed, and was abandoned 4.44. Remnants into I./ZG76.


* detachments at Ansbach and Leipheim, 3.44.



Formed 3.41 in Aalborg-Ost as Erg.Staffel II./ZG76, but increased to Gruppe during the same month, with:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe ZG76
1.(Eins)/Erg.Gruppe ZG76
2.(Ausb)/Erg.Gruppe ZG76

On 15.9.41 redesignated III./Nachtjagdschule 1:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe ZG76 became Stab III./Nachtjagdschule 1
1./Erg.Gruppe ZG76 became 4./NJG3
2./Erg.Gruppe ZG76 became 5./Nachtjagdschule 1


* 1. Staffel at Nellingen, 6.9.41 - 15.9.41



Formed 6.4.44 in Unterschlauersbach from 4./Ergänzungszerstörergruppe.

On 1.9.44 redesignated 1./JGr.Ost.


6.4.44 - 29.5.44 Unterschlauersbach Bf 110, Me 410
30.5.44 - 31.8.44 Ohlau   Bf 110, Me 410

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