Luftlandegeschwader 1



Formed 27.7.40 in Hildesheim. A Stabs-Staffel existed 7.40 - 9.44.

Known as Gefechtsverband Banat, 8.44 - 9.44, controlling parts of II./LLG1 and Nahaufklärungsstaffel Kroatien.

Disbanded 9.9.44.

The following aircraft was used by LLG1: Ar 65, Avia B.534, Bf 108, Bü 131, DFS.230, Do 17, Do 215, Fi 156, Fw 58, Gö 4, Go 145, Go 242, He 45, Grunau Baby, He 46, He 72, He 111, Hs 126, I-153, Ju 52, Ju 87, Ju 88, Kl 32, Kl 35, Kranich, Me 321, Mü 13, Letov S.328 and RWD-8


I. Gruppe:


Formed 27.7.40 in Hildesheim (ready 10.8.40), from parts of 17./KGrzbV 5 with:

Stab I./LLG1 new
1./LLG1 new
2./LLG1 new
3./LLG1 new

4.42 - 10.42 known as Übungsgruppe I./LLG1; In 4.43 increased to 4 Staffeln and a Stabsstaffel:

Stab I./LLG1
Stabsstaffel I./LLG1 new
10(?)./LLG1 new

Disbanded 9.9.44, except for 2./LLG1. In 12.44 2./LLG1 was redesignated Staffel zbV "Reich".


* part of the unit was based at Plovdiv in 4.41 for operations at the Corinth Canal.

** known as Einsatzgruppe I./LLG1 (flew Brigade Ramcke to Africa); part of the unit remained at Hildesheim (Übungsgruppe I./LLG1).

*** 2 Staffeln flew Fallschirm-Bataillon Jungwirth from Lyon to Vassieux, 18.7.44 - 21.7.44; 23.7.44 flew troops from Valence to Vassieux.

**** 2./LLG1 remained at Giessen to early 10.44, when it moved to Altenstadt.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 27.7.40 in Halberstadt (ready 10.8.40), from parts of 17./KGrzbV 5 with:

Stab II./LLG1 new
4./LLG1 new
5./LLG1 new
6./LLG1 new

4.42 - 10.42 known as Übungsgruppe II./LLG1; In 4.43 increased to 4 Staffeln and a Stabsstaffel:

Stab II./LLG1
Stabsstaffel II./LLG1 new
11(?)./LLG1 new

On 9.9.44 redesignated NSGr. 10:

Stab II./LLG1 became Stab/NSGr.10
4./LLG1 became 3./NSGr.10
5./LLG1 became 1./NSGr.10
6./LLG1 became 2./NSGr.10


* parts of 6./LLG1 moved to Seerappen on 5.7.41 with 10 DFS 230; 22.7.41 to Dünaburg, 13.9.41 to Pernau for attack on Ösel; returned home 9.41.

** 8./LLG1 was in Norway 9.43 - 6.11.43.

** part of the Gruppe was also based at Mannheim, 12.43 - 3.44.

*** mainly used the Ju 87 for ground-attack missions.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 22.8.40 in Braunschweig-Waggum (ready 1.9.40) with:

Stab III./LLG1 new
7./LLG1 new
8./LLG1 new
9./LLG1 new

4.42 - 10.42 known as Übungsgruppe III./LLG1, with only the 9. Staffel; 7. and 8./LLG1 was reformed 11.42; In 4.43 increased to 4 Staffeln and a Stabsstaffel:

Stab III./LLG1
Stabsstaffel III./LLG1 new
12(?)./LLG1 new

In 5.43 gave up its two Do 17 Staffeln to I./LLG1. Disbanded 18.9.44, and the remnants arrived 21.11.44 in Goslar (by rail).


* on its way to South Russia, when it was diverted to Riga (only 7. and 8./LLG1).

** 12./LLG1 moved to Ottana/Sardinia 8.9.43, and to Practica di Mare on 11.9.43. This unit landed 1./FJR.7 at Gran Sasso d´Italia for the rescue of Mussolini. Returned to Valence a few days later.

*** In late 11.43 10. and 12./LLG1 moved to Siena (Italy), via Avignon, as Einsatzgruppe III./LLG1. Returned to Nancy 2.44 (saw very little action).

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 1.43 in Langendiebach from parts of Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 1 with:

Stab IV./LLG1 new
13./LLG1 new
14./LLG1 new
15./LLG1 new
16./LLG1(?) new

Disbanded 4.43.



Formed 12.42 in Döberitz from Erprobungskommando/XI. Fliegerkorps. In 4.43 increased to Gruppe strength (no organisational change). In 6.43 redesignated DFS-Staffel 23.



Formed in late 8.43 at Lezignan, from parts of LLG1, for service in Italy. Disbanded in late 9.43.


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