Jagdgeschwader 137

I. Gruppe:


Formed 20.4.37 in Bernburg from I./JG232 with:

Stab I./JG137 from Stab I./JG232
1./JG137 from 1./JG232
2./JG137 from 2./JG232
3./JG137 from 3./JG232

On 1.2.38 most of I./JG137 was transferred to Garz and became I.(le)/LG, and only 1./JG137 remained until 1.10.38 when the Gruppe was increased to full strength again.

On 1.11.38 redesignated I./JG231:

Stab I./JG137 became Stab I./JG231
1./JG137 became 1./JG231
2./JG137 became 2./JG231
3./JG137 became 3./JG231


II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.7.38 in Zerbst with:

Stab II./JG137 new
4./JG137 new
5./JG137 new
6./JG137 new

On 1.11.38 redesignated II./JG231:

Stab II./JG137 became Stab II./JG231
4./JG137 became 4./JG231
5./JG137 became 5./JG231
6./JG137 became 6./JG231


1997-2003 Michael Holm