VIII. Fliegerkorps

Kommandierender General:

Chef des Stabes:

* Known as Luftwaffenkommando Schlesien, 25.1.45 - 2.2.45

Formed 19.7.39 in Oppeln as Fliegerführer z.b.V., but was renamed VIII. Fliegerkorps on 10.11.39. Known as Luftwaffenkommando Schlesien between 25.1.45 and 2.2.45. On 28.4.45 united with Luftgau-Kommando VIII, and was redesignated Luftwaffenkommando VIII.

HQ at:

* On 18.2.42 to Pleskau-Süd and took control of operations to supply Demjansk. There until 4.42. Part of the Stab probably remained at Smolensk.

Was subordinated to the following higher HQ's:

Controlled the following units during the war:

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