Transbaykal order of Lenin Military District

Забайкальский ордена Ленина военный округ

Military Unit: 23284


Activated 30.9.45 in Changchun, China, as the Transbaykal-Amur Military District, from HQ Transbaykal Front.

10.7.47 renamed Transbaykal Military District - new HQ activated from HQ Transbaykal-Amur Military District and HQ 36th Army.

15.1.74 awarded the order of Lenin.

In 1976 the 87th Motorised Rifle Division (mobilisation) was activated.

In 6.79 the 202nd Motorised Rifle Division was activated.

Organisation 1980:

1.12.81 the 110th Motorised Rifle Division (mobilisation) was activated.

In 5.82 the 12th Artillery Division arrived from Kalinin, Kalinin Oblast.

In 1984 the 30th Artillery Division (mobilisation) was activated.

Organisation 1988:

In 1989 the 978th Territorial Training Center was disbanded.

30.11.98 united with the Siberian Military District, and renamed Siberian Military District.

20.9.2010 united with the Far Eastern Military District, and renamed Eastern Military District.