Flakbatterien zur besonderen Verwendung 

During the reorganisation of the Luftwaffe ground forces in 1942, a large number of surplus troops became available to serve in the Flakartillerie. These troops were collected in Flakbatterien z.b.V., which usually only existed for a short time, before being absorbed into existing and newly created Flak-Abteilungen. The batteries were mainly used in the Reich air defence.

Those batteries formed in 1943-44 consisted mainly of remnants of various Flak-Abteilungen that had been destroyed at the front, or troops from the various replacement and training units.

As a general rule during most of 1944, the second digit in each 4 digit number, would indicate in which Luftgau-Kommando a particular battery was formed:

Luftgau Digit Example
Luftgau-Kommando I "3" schwere Flak-Batterie zbV 6300
Luftgau-Kommando III "5" schwere Flak-Batterie zbV 5533
Luftgau-Kommando VI "7" schwere Flak-Batterie zbV 5775
Luftgau-Kommando VII/XII "2" Flakscheinwerfer-Batterie zbV 8215
Luftgau-Kommando VIII "4" leichte Flak-Batterie zbV 7540
Luftgau-Kommando IX "9" leichte Flak-Batterie zbV 6940
Luftgau-Kommando XVII "3" & "4" schwere Flak-Batterie zbV 6410

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