Kampfgeschwader 50

I. Gruppe:


Formed 7.42 in Brandenburg-Briest from parts of 10./KG40 with:

Stab I./KG50 new
1./KG50 new
2./KG50 new
3./KG50 new

Was equipped with He 177A bombers. The unit was charged with the evaluation of this new bomber, and this took place at Brandenburg-Briest and at Værløse (Denmark).

In early 12.42 the unit was transferred to Zaporozhye in South Russia for winter trials with 20 He 177A. Due to the worsening situation at Stalingrad, the unit was promptly applied to the transport role, although only seven aircraft was serviceable. On the first operation the Gruppenkommandeur, Major Scheede, was lost, and the aircraft was found to be totally unsuited for the transport role. The unit quickly reverted to bombing missions in support ot the Army. I./KG50 flew 13 missions, and lost most aircraft.

In late 1.43 the remnants returned to Brandenburg-Briest, and was retrained in the anti-shipping role with Hs 293 missiles. The unit moved to Burg-Magdeburg later in the year.

On 25.10.43 the unit was redesignated II./KG40,

Stab I./KG50 became Stab II./KG40
1./KG50 became 4./KG40
2./KG50 became 5./KG40
3./KG50 became 6./KG40

and moved to Bordeaux-Merignac. 



Formed 10.7.42 in Brandenburg-Briest from 15./KG40.

On 17.9.43 became 17./KG40.

Based at Brandenburg-Briest during its existence.

Flughafenbetriebskompanie der KG50

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